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Basic description

Wodaplug EoC products are intended for the use of the existing infrastructure of cable television (CATV/STA) for sharing Internet access or high-speed data transmission-broadband. To transfer the data signal and the existing CATV (satellite TV) occurs at the same time after the same cable for mutual compatibility. You don’t have to change your CATV network! Just need to secure bi-directional throughput of your active network elements.

Simply apply the device to the involvement of the building to the Internet after a common coaxial divorce. Allows you to communicate the many units after a single coaxial lead signálovou at 700Mbps. Available also in the version with a power supply of the outdoor design of a coaxial cable or 220V. complaint to 700Mbps.

It is intended for the construction of a fast Ethernet network in a building after the divorce, coaxial typically on common household tv antenna. Unit coexists with the TV signal and has no impact on its income.

Depending on the installed unit can connect CATV drawers directly between the TV and the receiver port socket. In the event that the attenuation of the radio interference suppression filter in older types of Sockets does not allow such direct deployment is necessary to replace the socket. Replaced by a so-called “. Double socket.

Wodaplug EOC series is the solution point-to-multipoint EoC (Ethernet over Coax), which effectively extends your 100/1000 m Ethernet network (layer-two) of the 700-1500 metres at speeds up to 700Mbps using an existing coaxial cable. Allows you to extend an Ethernet connection (layer-two) in buildings or homes without the need of installing new cables. It is also a suitable solution for the realization of Ethernet, for example. in factories, where the slow upgrade serial communication on the Ethernet network. Wodaplug EOC1121L is the master/bridge unit that connects several more (up to 256) EOC1121R4L slave of the participating units. Network topology can be a star or a tree. Based on the standard Homeplug AV. support 128-bit AES encryption for data security.

The device is intended for the MDU System (Multi-Entitled) that provides network administrators the ability to control bandwidth. At the same time, this system allows the location of the user more (than it is in the case of Ad-Hoc or Peer-to-peer). In the system, however, must be one powerful control unit with management, which can handle up to 256 client drives.

The technology appears to be good, especially for the transfer of IPTV, which is usually broadcast UDP/multicastem. For him, the unit is able to achieve maximum performance. Suitable for achieving competitive solutions in the same cable and coexistence with existing technologies.

Based on the INT7410 chipset, the OFDM modulation, which offers high resistance to interference. Uses the frequency band 7.5-65MHz and offers the physical speed of up to 700 MB/s, 350 MB/s on the MAC layer.


  • Covered with an air-tight aluminium coat that prevents water and dust. Wide operating temperature range from-25 ° C to 55 ° C.
  • Operating frequency – low band 7.5 ~ 65MHz. Strong anti-interference capacity. High throughput.
  • High-speed communication-to the line through the existing 700Mbps coaxial cable, at a distance of 700-1000 m.
  • Contains 2 x 1000 m Ethernet port for connection to the ONU (Optical Network Unit) and to the Ethernet Switch, or may serve as the Up-link link with units of the series EOC11xxRx
  • Support for VLAN (802), QoS (802.1 p), IGMP support bandwidth management
  • Supports remote management WEB, CLI, SNMP and MIB management standard, car online-upgrade
  • The master unit contains the NMS to monitor and configure, access is via IP address and manages all of the connected slave units (these are managed through the physical layer OAM without IP address)


-2 ports 100/1000Base-TX, Auto-Negotiation (100/1000 Mbps), IEEE 802.3 u, automatic detection of direct/crossover patch cable, each independent

-2 ports (F) connector (female), 75 Ohm, coaxial connection on the lead and a TV receiver. Port for TV receiver passively linked to supply and is functional even when the device is switched off

-up to 128 mutually communicating units on a single coaxial lead to the maximum distance between two units of 1500 m (applies to the cross-section of the cable RG59) with the current operation of the TV

-Qualcomm’s Atheros chipset family 7400, signal speed 700Mbps,

-automatic adjustment of speed and modulation, OFDM modulation, adaptive, 896 of load-bearing

-frequency band 7, 5 MHz-65MHz

-the maximum attenuation for cables between the master and slave units: 65dB-output power: 116dBuV

-the symmetric operation of synchronous duplex Ethernet bridge, transparent, independent of the protocols, operating systems, transparent, does not need any external software

-external power supply 12V DC

-Web management, SNMP

-Control the slave units:

-the permission settings of the connection from their MAC addresses

-statistical information for each unit, attenuation, SNR, RX/TX statistics

-broadcast protection, adjustable individually for each slave

-set VLAN 802.1 Q parameters adjustable individually for each slave

-setting bandwidth upload/download adjustable individually for each slave

-802.1 p priority adjustable individually for each slave

-remote upgrade slave units, remote reboot unit

-the ability to use template to set the slave units

Adjustable parameters for master unit:

-transmission statistics

-set VLAN 802.1 Q for the management interface of the master

-setting protection against storm broadacst

-upgrade, remote reboot, import/export konfigiračních files

-logging, syslogd on remote server

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Konfigurace zařízení – management
p align=”left”>Each unit has its own IP MASTR, from the production of each unit has a different default IP and it has to be printed on the label on the box and on the bottom of the unit. Set the IP of your PC/NTB, which you will use for the first configuration, in the same IP range.

Po resetu Mastr jednotky do tovární nastavení je defaultní IP adresa LAN a WAN

(NOTE: the default IP of LAN is, and default IP of WAN is

After reset the drive to factory settings Mastr is the default LAN IP address and WAN

(NOTE: the default IP of the LAN is, and default of WAN IP is

Access to the WEB interface, the telnet and SSH:

Enter the IP address of the MASTR unit into your browser and use the login user name admin and the password admin, click on the login button to continue.

telnet access : the user name is admin and the password admin, SSH access is root/123456

Specifications – System Features

Chipset Intellon INT7410, RTL8198
Protocol HomePlug AV
IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE
Phisycal Speed 700Mbps
Modulation Bandwidth 7.5 MHz~65 MHz
Modulation Technology OFDM,1024/256/64/16QAM,QPSK,BPSK
Max. Slave number 256
Encryption mode 128-bit AES encrypted
VLAN Support max. 16 VLANs
Limitation of port speed Support minimum 64Kbps granularity
QoS Support VLAN priority
Working mode CSMA/CA
Multicast support Support IGMP manage Multicast diagram
Management mode Support SNMP, WEB, CLI multi-managed mode

Interface Features
Ethernet Interface 2 GE(1000M) Ports
Coax. Cable Interface : one IN one OUT

RF Performance
Impedance 75Ohm
Transmit Power 0±3dBm
Reflection loss >16dB
Insertion loss <1dB
Receiving sensitivity -65dB

Electrical Characteristics
Power Consumption ≦10W
Power Supply 220VAC 60VAC

Environment Features
Working Temperature -30℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%, non-condensation
Storage Humidity 5%~90%, non-condensation
Environmental standards RoHS

Physical characteristics
Product Size 212*132*96mm
Product Weight N.W.: 1.97kgs
G.W.: 2.5kgs
C/TN Size 470*360*435mm 4pcs/carton
C/TN Weight 11.7kgs