GEPON village project

Typical of the agglomeration with the new housing is the ideal solution for choosing G EPON technology.

EOC Blocks of Flats

Unbeatable price supported with own already working firmwares and years of experiences with small to huge projects.

EOC Network in Camp

We can cover a resort that has a large area and has a total of 150 villas which have been introduced into the central COAX distribution.

EOC Network apartments

Internet and IPTV in Apartment blocks using EOC – Ethernet over coax cable technology – and use existing coax cable wiring!


Wodaplug EOC products (EOC Master + EOC slave units) offer you the possibility to bring internet triple play services to every coaxial socket in the building, are suitable for coexistence with TV and satellite reception, it is possible to use the same cable and add a data signal to the input of the coaxial distribution to the existing TV/SAT signal. The installation is very simple, the only obstacle to the throughput of the data signal, which uses the band 7,5-65MHz (or 7,5-86MHZ version AV2) are active elements – amplifiers that are typically working in the band above 40MHz. Those amplifiers have to be bypassed by the bridge using Wodaplug diplexers. Wodaplug diplexers are used to separate the data and TV signals and then reunite them back. Real data throughput is 300-350Mbps (resp 500Mbps version AV2) and depends on line attenuation, until 20-40dB attenuation the speed is still close to the maximum, around 50dB attenuation the speed is still 100Mbps and the limit of functionality is attenuation above 65-70dB. Another limit is the length of the cable, the maximum direct distance between units is 1500m (cable RG59), in the rugged wiring above 700-800m the time synchronization of the used Homeplug technology AV can be thrown off. To achieve a longer distances it is therefore necessary to use an additional transmitting master unit for the next part of the line. Examples of real installations and typical connecting to coaxial wiring can be found in the section “how to install”.

Wodaplug EOC line behaves like a smart L2 switch in a transparent bridge, independent of protocols, operating systems, does not need any additional software. The central Master unit communicates by the wiring with Slave units, which are all configured from the web management of the Master unit. Slave units cannot communicate with each other. For slave units you can set automatic or manual authorization according to MAC, template for setting individual ethernet ports slave units and for all 4 ethernet ports Slave units you can configure different VLANs, QOS or Shaper. Typical deployment is for example 2 ports set as STB with VLAN for IPTV or VOIP and two ports with VLAN or without for Internet. Multicast support is also a matter of course, IGMP, storm and loop protection. There is also a Slave unit with WiFi, which can also function as a router with NAT or as a bridge.

Slave Units Management: (configuration template support!)

  • setting the connection permissions according to their MAC address
  • statistical information to each unit, attenuation, SNR, RX/TX
  • broadcast protection statistics, adjustable for each slave individually
  • setting VLAN 802.1Q parameters for each LAN port slave device
  • upload/download band settings for each LAN port slave device, there’s also an option to set the aggregate transfer limit for the whole slave device
  • priority 802.1p for each LAN port slave device
  • remote upgrade slave units, remotly rebooting units
  • possibility to use templates to set slave units

Master Units Management:

  • Web management, CLI – telnet+ssh, SNMP monitoring and surveillance, transmission statistics
  • setting VLAN 802.1Q for management interface master
  • settings protection against broadcast storm
  • independent LAN port for local management
  • upgrade from ftp, remote reboot, import/export configuration files
  • logging, syslog to remote server

In practice, we recommend installing a maximum of 25-30 (or 40-50 for the AV2 version) slave units to one master unit in one coaxial distribution system; when planning, consider that the bandwidth of the coaxial wiring is common to the slave units and it is good not to exceed this number to maintain quality services for the users. From practical deployments it is verified that, for example, an EOC line in an apartment building can handle 10 SD or 5 HD different IPTV channels + guaranteed internet services at the same time, with multiple IPTV channels running at the same time the image can start to pixelize. The unit coexists with the TV signal and does not affect its reception (DVB-T/C/S)

If you have any questions about the use of Wodaplug EOC technology or the preparation of coaxial wiring, do not hesitate to write to info at . Read more practical experiences and advice here or contact us throught our website.

WodaPlug EOC Master supports up to 256 Slave units. Recommended is to install max 30 – 40 Slaves.

Real data rates 320Mbps (resp 500Mbps for AV2 version) at incredible distance!

Perfect for Smart TV, IP TV and VOIP ! Game consoles supported. Low ping (2-3ms)

Working frequency 7,5MHz – 65MHz (resp 86MHZ for AV2 version)  – DOES not interfere with TV / CATV !

VLAN and QoS function 100% supported !! Each Slave port can run different config

Meet the IEEE Home plug AV and IEEE 1901 standard

The lower design – Node device is the main equipment of access network equipment. Functional module with low power design not only reduces the operation cost but also beneficial to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction „response strategy for building “green” communication networks.

The indoor and outdoor type products adapt to different application scenarios

Indoor type
The EOC master is usually placed in cabinet, corridor, basement or patio. Wodaplug’s indoor type EOC master products are designed with metal shell and built-in power supply. They satisfy the corridor environment requirements. These items have anti-lightning, anti-dust and good heat dissipation characteristics.

Outdoor type
The outdoor type EOC master is designed with an aluminum shell. It has a good waterproof, dust-proof and heat dissipation effect. With the high reliability of the switching power supply and lightning protection design, it ensures the device can work stable in poor environments of the field.

The Qualcomm AR7410 chipset solution – AR7410
AR74 series of EOC products are based on HomePlug AV technology. It complies with IEEE 1901 standard and adopts Qualcomm AR7410 chip and OFDM Module technology of high interference resistance. It supports 4096QAM and takes up frequency between 7.5MHz-65MHz to transfer data. Its physical layer bandwidth is 600Mbps, while the maximum MAC layer bandwidth is 320Mbps.

The MSTAR 1000 chipset solution – Gigabit EOC AV2
1000 series of EOC products is based on HomePlug AV2 technology. It complies with IEEE 1901 standard and adopts MSTAR 1000 chip and OFDM Module technology of high interference resistance. It supports 4096QAM and takes up frequency between 7.5MHz-86MHz to transfer data. Its physical layer bandwidth is 1000Mbps, while the maximum MAC layer bandwidth is 500Mbps.

The data service function
Support VLAN division and management. support IGMP. support the same equipment at office end user mutual isolation. Support a broadcast packet / unknown packet suppression. Support MAC addresses limit function, link aggregation function, port mirror feature, etc.

The performance of QoS
Support the VLAN tag or IP QoS to automatically distinguish between different services based on the priority for ensuring the high priority. Each Slave port can run different configuration. It supports automatic configuration templates – provisioning.

The complete network management function
Support multiple network management mode and protocols, such as WEB, SNMP, CLI, etc. Provide user-friendly CLI interface and graphical interface based on WEB for easier using. Independent researched and developed unified network management software based on B/S architecture can realize the management of the ONU, MC and EOC equipment. The users can carry on centralized management of equipment, complete the configuration parameters, monitor working status and diagnose faults to meet the demand of network operators and maintenance.

WODAPLUG EoC Master and Slave modems :

Wodaplug EoC Indoor Master-EOC1121L, 700Mbps, 2*LAN, 2*F, WEB Management, max 256 slaves, VLAN, IGMP, QoS ..

It is adapters for data transfer Ethernet over coaxial cables, based on technology HomePlugAV, which offers a large range (700-1500 m), high speed (physical speed to 700MB / s speed on the MAC layer 350MB / s), interference immunity and operation even under heavy sedation.

Wodaplug EoC Indoor Slave – EOC1121R4L, 700Mbps, 4*LAN, 2*F, WEB Management přes master jednotku, max 256 slaves, VLAN, IGMP, QoS …

EOC slave unit is designed for end users and works with EOC master unit for connection and transmission of Ethernet over coaxial distribution. The mixed signal again converts to Ethernet data output signal and TV output TV. Newest versions of the chip QCA7411L is used.

Wodaplug EOC Slave + WiFi – EOC1121R4WL, 600Mbps, WiFi, 4*LAN, 2*F, WEB Management – own IP, Router / Bridge, NAT, VLAN, IGMP, QOS, 2 ports for STB

EOC slave + WiFi unit is designed for end users that need WiFi router or bridge and works with EOC master unit for connection and transmission of Ethernet over coaxial distribution. The mixed signal again converts to Ethernet data output signal and TV output TV. Own IP address for management.


This new MSTAR 1000chip Homeplug AV2 based  EOC masters can offer 500 Mbps real throughput over existing coax cable network for long range up to 1km. Can work with Wodaplug 1000 AV2 EOC slaves.  Work frequency range is  7.5Mhz-86Mhz / AV2 and Physical DataRate is 1000Mbps.