Gigabit Internet over Coax Cable is ready-Wodaplug 1000!

Internet over Coax – EoC

  • Ethernet over Coax (CATV/SAT)
  • Master/Slave/Bridge,QoS,IGMP
  • Adapted HomeplugAV2 technology
  • Up to 500 Mbps / up to 1500m
  • User friendly – config templates
  • Central WEB management, SNMP
  • Technical support and references
  • Easy to install, coexist with TV/SAT

PON – optical networking

  • BEST PRICE GEPON solutions
  • Reliable, fast, long range -20km
  • OLT 4/8/16, ONU, PLC 1/2-1/64
  • CLI, WEB, SNMP management
  • User friendly – ONU templates
  • Central EMS management
  • Cortina chipset !!! The best one!
  • Redudant dual power sources!
lte 5 router

Wi-Fi & 5G LTE & routers

  • MiniPCIe / M.2 wireless adapters
  • Heavy-duty industrial environment
  • High speed wireless data transmis.
  • New 802.11 ac / ax MU-MIMO !!
  • Advanced 4G & 5G LTE / WiFi routers
  • OpenWRT / LEDE supported
  • Own engineering and development
  • US T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint & Verizon


EoC PRODUCT OVERVIEW – Ethernet & Internet over Coax cable

CZ – Pro popis v českém jazyce klikněte zde

Wodaplug Cable Data EOC products are used for triple play services in a new generation broadcasting networks. Wodaplug EOC network is built with EOC Master and one or more EOC Slaves. It can coexist with the CATV and SAT signal and can add internet services in to existing coax cable networks. EOC is used for the broadcasting network from optical node to many end users. According to different scenarios, Wodasign Company can provide various access products, including HFC optical receiver module, ONU module, optical fiber transceiver module and EOC master module. EOC solution is the best choice for operators to enhance the existing coaxial network. All EOC products were researched and developed by Wodasign corp, they have the complete intellectual property. Include the fusion of passive optical network, Ethernet, simulate a variety of optical transmission technology, network security and management, which can meet the operators requirements to provide users with a highly reliable network service.

– EOC system can build L2 Ethernet transmission channel in the cable network, to transmit Internet signal, but not affect the original CATV signal at the same time. It has the advantages of long transmission distance, good network adaptability and high bandwidth.

According to the EOC function and application, there are indoor type, outdoor type, integrated type etc. EOC slaves have 4FE fully configurable Ethernet ports and EOC WiFi slaves have 2STB+2FE + 802.11n WiFi.

It is the best stability + real throughput / price choice for broadcasting network construction using already mounted cables, if you are not sure yet – we have tons of finished projects from small house projects to huge coax/optical apartments complexes. Ask us how, we will show you cases already done, we will help you set up your networks,with Wodaplug, you never stay alone !! Service, setting, support, up to date FWs is 100% covered!Wodaplug products are very effective way, how to share internet and data to every floor, every house & house apartments complex! Use existing cables – no new wiring !


WodaPlug EOC Master supports up to 256 Slave units. Recommended is to install max 30 – 40 Slaves.

Real data rates 320Mbps (resp 500Mbps for AV2 version) at incredible distance!

Perfect for Smart TV, IP TV and VOIP ! Game consoles supported – low ping (2-3ms).

Working frequency 7,5MHz – 65MHz (resp 86MHZ for AV2 version)  – DOES not interfere with TV / CATV !

VLAN and QoS function 100% supported !! Each Slave port can run different configuration.

Meet the IEEE Home plug AV and IEEE 1901 standard

The lower design – Node device is the main equipment of access network equipment. Functional module with low power design not only reduces the operation cost but also beneficial to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction „response strategy for building “green” communication networks.

The indoor and outdoor type products adapt to different application scenarios

Indoor type
The EOC master is usually placed in cabinet, corridor, basement or patio. Wodaplug’s indoor type EOC master products are designed with metal shell and built-in power supply. They satisfy the corridor environment requirements. These items have anti-lightning, anti-dust and good heat dissipation characteristics.

Outdoor type
The outdoor type EOC master is designed with an aluminum shell. It has a good waterproof, dust-proof and heat dissipation effect. With the high reliability of the switching power supply and lightning protection design, it ensures the device can work stable in poor environments of the field.

The Qualcomm AR7410 chipset solution – AR7410
AR74 series of EOC products are based on HomePlug AV technology. It complies with IEEE 1901 standard and adopts Qualcomm AR7410 chip and OFDM Module technology of high interference resistance. It supports 4096QAM and takes up frequency between 7.5MHz-65MHz to transfer data. Its physical layer bandwidth is 600Mbps, while the maximum MAC layer bandwidth is 320Mbps.

The MSTAR 1000 chipset solution – Gigabit EOC AV2
1000 series of EOC products is based on HomePlug AV2 technology. It complies with IEEE 1901 standard and adopts MSTAR 1000 chip and OFDM Module technology of high interference resistance. It supports 4096QAM and takes up frequency between 7.5MHz-86MHz to transfer data. Its physical layer bandwidth is 1000Mbps, while the maximum MAC layer bandwidth is 500Mbps.

The data service function
Support VLAN division and management. support IGMP. support the same equipment at office end user mutual isolation. Support a broadcast packet / unknown packet suppression. Support MAC addresses limit function, link aggregation function, port mirror feature, etc.

The performance of QoS
Support the VLAN tag or IP QoS to automatically distinguish between different services based on the priority for ensuring the high priority. Each Slave port can run different configuration. It supports automatic configuration templates – provisioning.

The complete network management function
Support multiple network management mode and protocols, such as WEB, SNMP, CLI, etc. Provide user-friendly CLI interface and graphical interface based on WEB for easier using. Independent researched and developed unified network management software based on B/S architecture can realize the management of the ONU, MC and EOC equipment. The users can carry on centralized management of equipment, complete the configuration parameters, monitor working status and diagnose faults to meet the demand of network operators and maintenance.

New WODAPLUG 5G LTE ROUTER available !

Wodaplug ® Dual SIM 5G 5GNR 4G LTE-A dual modules Failover redundancy router MTK7621, 4x LAN 1xWAN, 12 antenna ports, standalone: 1xM.2 USB3, 3xMiniPCIe, H721v5G + 11ac WiFi (DR 600VX)

The H721 v5G Dual sim 5G LTE router with 4 standalone modules slots has been a great choice for custom builds and applications.  The router board’s (PCB) built in 1x M.2 slot for LTE modem and 2x SIM Card slots, makes it a great fit for our line of Sierra Wireless  Quectel M.2 modems. Also have 3 x Minipcie slots, 1 x for aditional modem (it is our M.2 B-Key adapter compatible) and 2 x more for your old standard modem (save your investment) or new one smoking gun in wifi world like DR 600vx / 900vx QCA9880 miniPCIe modules. Rooter firmware.

You can check setup and configuration possibilities here –