Homeplug networks through electrical wires 230V

The reference projects splitter of computer networks over coaxial cable distribution STA

Adapters Wodaplug® 200C / 500C and N / N

Typical use n1. :

1 – Internet Sharing – panel and apartment houses with a shared TV antenna or satellite distribution systems

A – housing unit up to 20 connected customers, so just one MASTER unit fed the internet and up to 20 slave units to house

Before we begin it is necessary to determine the exact behavior of active components TV / SAT distribution. The problem for the signal to pass through the active elements which are impermeable to the working frequency 2-30MHz. Thus, typically bandpass filters and amplifiers, which operate mostly in a band above 40MHz. Passive components and hubs / multiswitche not a problem.

Now for the actual implementation of customer comments – ISP:

1) The consent of the owner of the house that you can use internal STA / TV distribution

2) typical STA has two satellites and one DVB-T, eg. 12-20 housing units, make sure multiswitch supports reverse channel if it not so, please replace with a new tip

3) when installing recommend the use of freelancers and equipment f

require initial measurement parameters drawers before we hit into the STA.

4) appears problematic active socket for the radio, the ideal would be not to use, with one customer, we found involved in radio and it caused disconnecting HomePlug adapters.

5) The one we configure the modem (enclosed utility Avitar) as MASTER and place it into a hub TV / SAT distribution preferably in a switch cabinet. Internet resource will connect the RJ45 cable to the master. To connect to coaxial cables, we recommend use diplexní filters to split the signal DATA and TV / SAT to avoid interference.

6) then in homes Mounted HomePlug adapters configured as SLAVE. Only communicate with the master unit and can communicate with other SLAVE neighbors. I recommend using the network password could not connect to non-paying users.

Result: now operate about one week, we offer customers the speed 30Mbps shared transmitter on the roof is able to 50Mbps, but we do not want to vytížit entirely to the maximum so that they can connect to other cabins. Now, it looks good.

Recommendation: Before someone decides to run STA on the Internet, they must first of all get the project documentation and STA network, the types of loaded elements attenuation. Top accompanied satelitáře. HomePlug adapters have a good range, high transmission power overcomes even greater attenuation and distance achieved, thus limiting rather HomePlug AV (700 m) than depression.

– This is implemented in practice functional connection example

– In most cases you can secure the network without unnecessary additional costs

– Do not know how to do it ??? matter, please contact us and we will help

The topology of the house

socket n.1 – connect rj45 wire to ADSL router or enother device what needs internet connection and connect it to socket with 220v.

socket n.2 – connect rj45 wire to your computer or enother device what needs an internet connection and connect it to socket with 220V.

Done, adapters will connect themselves and allow signal transmission over the wire with 220V.

Congratulations, Now you’ve connected your own home network by the hard way (so it is difficult with WodaPlug).

Reference projects split computer networks over electrical cables 230V

Adapters Wodaplug 85Mb/s, 200Mb/s a Wodaplug500Mb/s

Typical applications and references from realized projects:

1 – internet sharing – three-floor family house with workshop and garage

If you live in a multi-floored RD wheres WiFi coverage is all over the floors and it’s still not enought there’s some ideal solution internet distribution and home computer network over the electric wires with 230V, They are in every floor and every room in your house.

Example of use in practice :

internet supply – ADSL router is located in the ground floor. WiFi signal does not reach up to the third floor and into the workshop, which also needs sometimes access to the Internet.

The house is a classic three-phase electric distribution switchgear and circuit breakers. Each floor has two sets of drawers. Floors are not on the same stage. The best quality and the fastest transmission is the same stage after the splitter, but with WodaPlug technology is not the problem of signal transmission between the phases. Transmission is obviously in this case due to the slower attenuation of the signal, but still enough for sharing within a home network for access to fast internet 16Mb / s O2 or distribution of HD IPTV ADSL router to the set top boxes on the upper floors.

One 200 MB/s Wodaplug2 adapter is connected to the RJ45 cable to the ADSL router and plugged into the electrical outlet. On the first floor in the study involved a second adapter Wodaplug2 200 MB/s and Rj45 cable connected to the PC. Here is the transfer after the same stage and the speed is almost at maximum. The third adapter Wodaplug2 200 MB/s + N AP, that has built-in WiFi 802 .11n AP transmitter is designed for notebook and used to carry around the House, workshop and garden and connects to a power outlet in a location where it is needed.Here is the transfer after the same stage and the speed is almost at maximum. The third adapter Wodaplug2 200 MB/s + N AP, that has built-in WiFi 802 .11n AP transmitter is designed for notebook and used to carry around the House, workshop and garden and connects to a power outlet in a location where it is needed.It is of course possible to transfer data between the PC and the NTB, for example, the copy of the film or other documents commonly runs at a speed of 20-30 MB/s if the NTB in the same room with the PC, i.e., on the same stage, runs and 70 MB/s transfer.

Note: before the technician replaced the main electric Cez hours for new digital, can share the internet with a neighboring family house. The neighbor had his adapter Wodaplug2 200 MB/s and we shared a single connection to the Internet, the router ADSL could set a limit for its IP transmission speed. Unfortunately, after changing the hours already link does not work due to the fact that the new digital clock frequency filters and contain these releases signal.

Note2: as it is possible for example. share internet in prefabricated or apartment houses between neighbors, according to the references of customers is possible through the connection typically two floors down and two up, hence the 4 floors.

2-a paid or free Internet access for the guests of the guest house or hotel

Multiple storey guesthouse or hotel complex needs simply and inexpensively offer guests internet access, whether paid or free. Thanks to a few patrům and the area is covered by WiFi signal demanding the installation of HW and i mnoštví WiFi accesspointů would significantly burden the Bill for electricity.

Example deployment in practice:

3 storey guesthouse with eight guest room has Internet connection 4 MB/s ADSL and router is located on the ground floor in the central switching station. The Guest House is an old electric splitter with the old Silicon and circuit breakers and fuses the old and often aluminium cables.

To the router are connected two adapters Wodaplug2 85 MB/s using the configuration utilities have each set a different password to be able to separate the work network and network for guests of the Guest House, so that guests could not access and working the front desk and restaurant PC

In the reception and restaurant are connected to other PC adapters Wodaplug2 85 MB/s and using the same password network connected together and with the adapter in a central switching station, which provides access to the internet.

In the reception there is also a WiFi router for a free connection to, but the signal reaches only to the first floor and it still not everywhere. Guest House purchased for guests next 4 adapters with Wodaplug2 85 MB/and configuration utility they were preset password of the network, so to have joined with the specified adapter in the switching station. Guests then lend for a fee at the reception in the room is the adapters and plugs into an electrical outlet, connect the RJ45 cable to your laptop or PC and gain access to the shared internet connection. Thanks to the network password is provided that does not connect to the network, for example, a customer with your own adapter of the same communications standard.

Signal coverage despite the challenging implementation of the old electro splitter is all over the House, in the outermost points of the bit rate around 5 MB/s, which is sufficient for Internet sharing.