EOC Network in Camp

Here we will discuss in detail one of our larger installations in the holiday resort of Landal Resort Haamstede in the Netherlands. This resort has a large area and has a total of 150 villas which have been introduced into the central STA distribution and customer requirement was to equip each villa toll connecting to the Internet. Thanks to the vastness and complexity of the sector was not possible nor appropriate use of WiFi coverage, after studying design documentation and test throughput cable networks, we have opted for HomePlug adapters.
In collaboration with a network technician of a satelite distributions we made modifications to existing distribution systems to ensure throughput.

Illustrative pictures before and after installation:

1 – one of the cabins with the hub before installation

2 – Simplified diagram of coaxial network

3 – Project of the Ministry of marking STA distributions – starfish, color-coded according villas MASTER units

4 – Diagram of the network after installing the Wodaplug adapters 200C / N

To guarantee the quality of the network – a quick response, we adhere to a maximum of 20 slaves to one master unit and max 4 MASTER units on one shared cable.
Network is why we have divided into two stages – MASTER level1 – Slaves level1-Masters l.2 l.2-Slaves
We used to level2 HomePlug units 200C / N 200Mbps and faster HomePlug level1 500C / N 500MB.
For connecting the master and slave units into the existing distribution we used diplex filters.

When installing, we had to solve the problem of looping network. It was necessary to separate adapters level1 and leve2 to prevent accidental transmission, install adapters ie min 20 cm formed must be separated from each other and their power powerline filter or UPS. It was necessary to divide the network into subnets using different network passwords and settings Static eating breakfast (numbers 1 to 15) for all MASTER unit for optimal packet flow.

5 – Typical cab after installation – Slave receives a signal from Master l.1 l.2 it then sends forth to Slave l.2

6 – Sample configuration adapter HomePlug MASTER

7 – Demonstration network statistics – the quality of the signal / baud rate for the network level1

8 – Sample network statistics – signal, attenuation and error between master and slave level1

9 – Response – ping across the network during normal operation (ping from a central PC to the terminal units in villas)

10 – Demonstration network utilization – Internet resource is 12Mbps ADSL connection, for guarding and monitoring operations we have these larger installations developed a special piece of software called “watch dog”

  • This is realized in practice functional connection example
  • In most cases you can secure the network without unnecessary additional costs
  • In the case of this powerful area of the resort and taking into account the assignment or other solutions have been – here clearly see the use of technology compared to the possibilities of Wodaplug powerline standard enduser
  • Don’t know how to do it ??? Please contact us and we will help