QCA mniPCIe WiFi modules

QCA MiniPCIe WIFI MODULES 802.11n / 802.11an / 80211.ac and 802.11ax = WiFi 4 / WiFi 5 and WiFi 6

We offer Individually Calibrated QCA ref.design miniPCIe wireless modules with best parametrs, High Power and compatibility! Industrial grade available!

New High Power 802.11ac, Wave2 MU-MIMO and 802.11n MIMO modules. Improved shielding for better noise imunity! Industrial grade wifi modules available (temperature range from -40C up to +85C)!!!

QCA 9984 MU-MIMO 4×4 WiFi Modules single and dual band

  • TX Power 21dBM per chain
  • standard miniPCIe size
  • CE/FCC certified
  • max Rx Specification Sensitivity – 95dBm
  • up to 1730 Mbps 5GHz / 800 Mbps 2,4GHz
  • industrial grade version available -up to 85C

QCA 9880 / 9882 11ac dual band WiFi Module DR 600VX / 900VX

  • TX power 21dBm per chain
  • available with 2×2 / 3×3 MIMO
  • standard miniPCIe size version
  • CE/FCC/IC Certified
  • max Rx Specification Sensitivity -95dBm
  • up to 1300 Mbps (3*3) / 867 Mbps (2*2)
  • industrial grade version available -up to 85C


Qualcomm QCA QCN9074 WIFI 6E 11AX 4X4 WIFI MODULE AVAILABLE SOON – Pine Series WiFi Module: Wallys is Introducing Qualcomm’s 4×4 11ax AP mode enabled radio module! Based on Pine series QCN9074 chipset, radio modules supporting 2.4GHz, 5GHz as well as the lately approved WiFi 6E is now available in Wallys Communication! Hop on the newly approved spectrum, increase the number of channels your clients can hop on, at 160MHz bandwidth!

WiFi 6 (11ax) modules

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